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About Ishuwa, the Yahyel, and Shaun
About Ishuwa
Ishuwa is from the Yahyel civilization. He is an interstellar explorer and a heart language translator. His travels have provided him with a variety of fascinating experiences while interacting with people that live on planets throughout the galaxy.

Ishuwa is thoughtful, fun-loving, and playful. He speaks with clarity, humor, and intelligence. He shares knowledge through the channel, Shaun, that can help us build rich and loving relationships with ourselves, each other, our planet, and help us reconnect to our most enjoyable and fulfilling life each day.
About the Yahyel
The Yahyel are human beings from beyond our solar system. They are similar to us in their physical appearance. There are many different Yahyel civilizations that exist in multiple locations within the Milky Way Galaxy.

They may become the first extra-terrestrial civilization to openly meet with us in person, in peace, in joy and develop mutually uplifting relationships with us. They are part of our galactic soul family.
About Shaun Swanson
I am a travel guide for tours in the heart wisdom universe. I channel Sounds of Light, Group of Friends, and Ishuwa of the Yahyel human ET civilization. I help people follow their heart wisdom so they can live their most enjoyable and fulfilling life every day.

I graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara, UCSB. In 1995, I started working as a healing facilitator and providing channeling sessions for people interested in spiritual growth, self-empowerment, personal healing and deepening self-realization.

I am featured in two episodes of "Interview with Extra-Dimensionals" on Gaia. I have co-authored two books about our galactic soul family that are available on Amazon. Here's a link to my
Amazon Author Page.

I do group channeling events and private channeling sessions at locations around the world for people that want to talk with Ishuwa and get answers to questions about their life, life on Earth, and ET life.

I teach classes on topics such as: "Love's Playful Nature", "Our Heart's Infinite Ecstasies", and "Love Always Loves You".

I experience our ET soul family as being highly intelligent, compassionate, curious, playful and full of heart wisdom.
About the Values of Our Galactic Soul Family

Question: "What do your people value the most?"

Answer: We value our life and that of all that is, all life. We value those who are present in our experience, our journey, our life each moment. We value those who are most present in our life in any given moment who are physically present and energetically present. We have a deep appreciation with one another and for one another. That then is perhaps our primary value, for there are many other values, but that perhaps would be one of the most predominant values that we are taught and grow up with.

We experience others in our world valuing each other and life itself. They serve as a model for the young ones, and this is a model that does not ever break. It does not ever get lost. It does not ever lose its brilliance, its luminous quality, its importance in our culture.

We walk, we breathe, we sleep, we dream, we eat together, valuing life and one another and nurturing one another in all ways that we can at all times. Growing, sharing, educating, understanding, and communicating lovingly, enrichingly. That perhaps then is the most valuable thing in our culture, the greatest value to us.

 Shaun and Ishuwa of the Yahyel

Creating Rewarding Relationships with Our Galactic Family
Ishuwa and the Yahyel
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