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"Your DNA Knows ETs Are Real" - Free MP3

Listen online or Download this Free MP3.
It is a message from a member of the Council of Extraterrestrial Civilizations for Earth Contact.
It is approximately 52 minutes long.

The message covers several topics including:
1. Your DNA knows that extraterrestrials are real.
2. Obvious signs that we exist will be coming from us soon.
3. There will also be new and unusual events coming from the Infinite.
4. You are learning how to feel the perfection of your love in every moment.

Select this Link to play the free MP3 in your web browser.

To download the MP3 on a PC: Right click the link and select "Save link or save target as..."

To download it on a Mac: right click or Ctrl + click on the link and select "download linked file".

Save the MP3 to a location that's easy for you to find like the Desktop.
Download time: 5-15 minutes depending on computer and internet speeds.

Yah oohm!

Exploring Fascinating Discoveries with Our ET Soul Family
Ishuwa and the Yahyel - ET Contact
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