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About Events with Ishuwa and the Yahyel

Heartwarming Contact with Our Galactic Family.
Events with Ishuwa and the Yahyel are real communications with our galactic soul family. The Yahyel have been invited by our world's collective consciousness to be one of the first from our galactic soul family to openly meet with us in person on Earth, peacefully, enjoyably and develop mutually rewarding relationships with current and future generations.

Live ET Communication.
At these events with Shaun channeling Ishuwa and other members of the Yahyel, you can talk with Ishuwa or simply listen in and enjoy the cosmic family experience. Talk, listen, relax, awaken, learn, heal, share, rejuvenate, grow, strengthen, empower, enlighten. These events are opportunities to experience real and meaningful communication with our galactic soul family in uplifting, exciting, fulfilling and rewarding ways!

Open Q and A with Ishuwa.
Events provide opportunities to get answers to questions about life, your life, life on Earth and ET life.

Valuable Insights.
Ishuwa and the Yahyel share personal experiences and fascinating details about the unconditionally loving relationships that exist within a multitude of highly intelligent civilizations in our galaxy and beyond.

You Can Play a Key Role in Opening ET Contact.
Discover how you can co-create fulfilling relationships with the Yahyel and others in our galactic soul family.

Magnificent Loving Humans On Earth!
Ishuwa and the Yahyel live in harmony with all life on their beautiful planet where everyone has an abundance of everything they enjoy experiencing every day. The Yahyel are helping us remember how to live in harmony with Earth and with one another on all levels of our existence together. They help us realize the magnificent and loving beings that we actually are.

ET Contact Sightings Are On The Rise.
The "Phoenix Lights" UFO was a contact sighting of Yahyel spacecraft that took place over several cities including Phoenix, Arizona, in March of 1997. The Phoenix Lights was seen by thousands of people including the then Governor of Arizona, Fife Symington. Fife graduated from Harvard University. He was also a pilot and a Captain in the United States Air Force. During an interview broadcast globally on CNN, Fife said this about his spacecraft sighting, "...you would have been astounded, you would have been amazed..." if you had seen the spacecraft. It was "...probably some form of an alien spacecraft. The lights were really brilliant, and it was just fascinating, I mean it was enormous. It just felt other worldly. You knew in your gut you could just tell it was other worldly."

In this video, Arizona Governor Fife Symington describes seeing the Phoenix Lights UFO.

The Yahyel Continue Making Visual Contacts.
The Yahyel continue to make visual sighting contacts with us at locations around the world. The lights of their spacecrafts that are seen in the night sky serve several functions. They are much more than just a light source for navigation. The lights serve as a multi-layered form of communication and contact with us. They are Visual Communication Contacts. Perhaps you have seen one or more of the Yahyel's spacecrafts flying over a city or countryside near you, or will soon!

Heartwarming Encounters With Our Galactic Family
Ishuwa and the Yahyel
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